Re: Off topic: VB5 or VFoxpro ?

Michael E. Hanson ( (no email) )
Thu, 8 Jan 1998 08:22:21 -0600

Personally, this is the kind of software that I usually recommend people buy
off the shelf. Its plentiful, inexpensive, and works. For small businesses
I recommend Quickbooks or Quickbooks Pro, depending whether they need
Payroll or not.

I've looked at this stuff before. Fastest way for me to develop this stuff
is in MS Access '97. And There's no way I can develop it for what it costs
to buy it off the shelf through someone like Egghead.

Mike Hanson

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From: Danny Sinang <>
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Date: Thursday, January 08, 1998 07:54
Subject: Off topic: VB5 or VFoxpro ?


A friend is asking me to develop a small accounting package - you know,
accts receivables, payables, etc...

What do you guys suggest, Visual Basic 5.0 or Visual Foxpro 5.0 ? Does VB
have a Report Generator like Foxpro ?

Danny Sinang
President, Uplink Technologies, Inc.

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