IIS4 and FTP rights

Mitch Wagers ( mwagers@ocsnet.net )
Thu, 08 Jan 1998 05:39:19 -0800

Ok, I forgot who posted about IIS4 and trouble with FTP, that email is at
home, but here is your solution...

For some god awful reason, MS still hasn't implemented a "default" domain
for their FTP Servers, so what you have to do is:

Option 1 (Easier to Administer)

When logging in through FTP, the user Must have Log on Locally, but, when
you enter the Username, enter a Domain-Specific Logon, something like
OCSNET.NET\username (exemplary of our system). This will cause
authentication with the PDC/BDC for that domain.

Option 2 (Stupid Administration, but no changes in all your customers)

When you create an FTP Account, you have to select the Domain from your User
By default, it shows the Domain the Server resides on if it is
authenticating itself with a PDC or BDC. Go around this just by typing
"\\MachineName" in the "Domain" selection box. It will then show all of the
user accounts for that machine, locally. If you don't want to use the
DOMAIN\username option, then you will have to create a User Account locally
to the machine.

If any of you know a way around this, feel free to speak up!