RRAS won't stop stop when I shutdown

Danny Sinang ( (no email) )
Thu, 8 Jan 1998 16:15:55 -0000

Hi. I posted a similar question once. Hope somebody could help me since
I've more info gathered from observations.

I'm using RRAS w/ NT4 w/ SP3.

Everytime I do a Start / Shutdown / Shutdown the Computer, the RRAS service
doesn't seem to stop since all modems are waiting for calls and the demand
dial modem is still hooked up to my ISP.

When I turn off the power and power up again, all my RRAS dial-in modems
won't answer any calls at all. However, all of them have 2 LED's lit up and
the demand dial-router dials out successfully.

Interestingly, my remedy for this situation is to do a Start / Shutdown /
Restart the Computer and all becomes well again.

I checked the Control Panel / Services and I observed I have the following
service settings:

Remote Access Autodial Manager - - Manual
Remote Access Connection Manager - Started - Manual
Remote Access Server - - Manual
RRAS - Started - Automatic

Could this be the cause for my Shutdown problems ?

Any other ideas ? Any fixes ?

Danny Sinang
President, Uplink Technologies, Inc.