Re: ASP - only works with IIS ?

Troy Cefaratti ( )
Tue, 06 Jan 1998 09:43:22 -0500

At 10:18 PM 1/5/98 -0800, Mitch Wagers wrote:
>WebSite Pro has *ahem* some support for it...but I have my doubts as to the
>That's kinda the same question as "Does Cold Fusion work without having Cold
>Fusion installed?" ASP was designed for IIS, you can probably expect a
>severe compatibility/performance loss if it is "emulated" through another
>Microsoft has code rights to ASP, any server that is not Microsoft/IIS
>should carry an agreement with MS as to the ability to host ASP.

Website Pro uses the same asp engine that IIS uses. To get ASP to work with
Website Pro you have to download IIS, and then just install the ASP part of