RE: How to Monitor and/or Limit Bandwidth for Co-Loc's?

Mike Topalovich ( )
Mon, 5 Jan 1998 12:40:01 -0600

It's on an eval right now, but list is around $14,500 (I couldn't tell
you what the street price is off the top of my head) for the
Packetshaper 4000, which I guess was the "top of the line" model at the
time. It has support our 3Mb link with no performance degradation.

I looked at the Aponet product briefly, but I could not compare the two
as they have both come so far over the past six months that I would
probably be comparing apples to oranges.

I don't know if Packeteer sells direct, so if anyone is interested in
contacting the reseller that I work with, please e-mail me privately.

Mike Topalovich
TGI Network Services

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That really sounds like a good solution.. Which model did you
get, and
what did it go for ($)?

At 12:15 PM 1/5/98 -0600, you wrote:
>We've been using the Packetshaper for about six weeks, and it
is pretty
>good. I haven't really started to get into the reporting
>but I know how to pull up graphs on default bandwidth usage
>etc. The shaping is pretty cool, and you can do such things as
>determining incoming bandwidth, guaranteeing bandwidth by IP
>and a few other things that I haven't played with yet. One of
>things we've been toying with lately is determining incoming
>of web browsers, and sending anything under 64k to an
>low-bandwidth site.

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