Re: 56k racks

Adam Dillaplain ( )
Sun, 04 Jan 1998 14:33:42 -0600

We just ordered the Cisco AccessPath (I think that's what it was called -
we looked at so many). It has an onboard 5000series switch, 7206 router
(with DS3 support and mondo memory), and can have up to 600 dialin ports
(25 PRIs) -- we ordered 240 ports. You also might want to look at the
AS5300 which supports up to 120 ports or the AS5200 (which i really like in
small pops), which supports upto 48 ports.


At 04:41 PM 12/28/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> I am taking the plunge or leap to 56k and need to order the equipment.. I
>> have looked all the racks over and it seems that the Livingston PM3 offers
>> the most bang for the buck... Any complaints or kudos????
>That depends. Do you want X2 or K56FLEX ? We have 7 PM3s and despite the
>fact that they will randomly reboot now and then, we like them.
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