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Howard A. Brooks ( (no email) )
Sat, 3 Jan 1998 23:55:17 -0500

Do your folks actually read all that. That's scary. . .Phew!

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Date: Monday, December 15, 1997 12:59 PM
Subject: Re: User Agreements

|We just publish our online.
|You can see it at: We
include a
|line on their activtion confirmation for to refer to this notice
for the
|most recent policies. Notice the lines that say: 1) we can
change it
|anytime we want and its effect as soon as it's published, 2) use
of our
|service constitutes agreement with the policies.
|At 08:03 AM 12/1/97 -0600, you wrote:
|>Hi, how do most ISP's handle having a signed user agreement
with their
|>customers? We want to tighten up security and be able to deal
with hackers
|>and spammers if they ever become a problem, is a signed
agreement the best
|>way? Are there any examples, or suggestions of points to
include or exclude
|>for the best control of your service?
|>Kevin Ingram
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