Problem Deleting Files

Stuart Feldman ( )
Thu, 1 Jan 1998 21:54:33 -0500

I just observed a problem I have never heard of. Whenever I try to =
delete a file using explore, or by dragging it into the recycle bin, or =
by highlighting it and clicking delete, or by right clicking on it and =
selecting delete I get a message stating: "Cannot delete filename: =
Cannot find the specified path. Make sure you specify the correct =
path." It occurs with all files and/or folders. I can move them and =
edit them without a problem. This is only occuring on C drive. If I =
move a file/folder to D drive everything is OK. I can also delete the =
files from a DOS prompt.

Yesterday I updated Post.Office to the latest version and just observed =
the problem since then. Everything else seems normal. I can also empty =
the recyle bin without any problems.

If anyone has a clue or suggestion please let me know. Thanks, in =

Stuart Feldman
The Solar Stop Internet Connection