Internet Video Calls/Conferencing

SAMnet / Software and More ( (no email) )
Sun, 28 Dec 1997 00:09:16 -0500

I am currently testing NM2.1, CUSeeMe 3.1, VDOPhone 3.0,
Connectix Videophone, and Intel's product. All with a Quickcam
VC. The performance of these products for the most part has
been surprisingly good despite using a 33.6 connection.

Just wondering if anyone is using these programs and what
you experience has been with the the different packages and also
the hardware involved.

I would like to offer an educated recommendation to my customers
when asked and have not had much luck finding reviews on
current versions of the software or hardware. I am hoping to get in
some additional cameras to try out different hardware.

FYI: So far NM2.1 and VDOPhone have been the best performers
for me. All I am currently testing is just the video calling performance.


John David M. Miller -
SAMnet / Software and More, Inc. -