Re: Anti-SPAM company shut down by Creative Labs

Lloyd Brunt ( )
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 12:17:53 +0000

At 01:05 am 22/12/97 -0000, you wrote:
>I'm not going to voice my opinion on this or any other recent trade-mark
>bitching, so I'll be brief. But I thought a few of you would be
>interested in this.
>In short, Creative Labs, the company that makes Sound Blaster cards among
>other things, has forced Goo Software, a startup anti-spam software
>company, out of business, because they believed that "SPAM-Blaster" (the
>name of the software) was infringing on their trademark sound card names.
Chilton, I believe that the owners of the SPAM tradename are very likely to
use the law to protect their name too. So it was a doubly unwise choice of
product name!

-Regards, Lloyd

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