Two Important Things I Learned This Year

Steve Mills ( )
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 17:06:16 -0600

Well, it's nearly year end, so I thought I would pass along 2 of the most
important things I learned this year.

My IIS server tends to unceremoniously stop every few days, for no
"apparent" reason. One of the users of this list wrote a terrific utility
to monitor the status of the service every 5 minutes and attempt to start
it is it is stopped. The file can be found at:

The other thing is a recent discovery, that has made life much easier for
some of my PERL scripts. Many of the scripts use the UNIX Sendmail program
and I was having a difficult time porting to one of the NT compatible
mailing programs. I recently discovered Postie at:

This is a direct replacement for Sendmail and works great. (Be sure to add
the host parameter to the command line, along with the -t).

I hope others on the list find these useful.