NT partitions

Rayane Abdel-Samad ( rayane@inco.com.lb )
Mon, 22 Dec 1997 15:59:16 +0300

Hi all,

I am having trouble with an NT server. It is configured with two
C:\ 200 Mbytes, containing the operating system. (NT 4.0)
D:\ 2.5 Gbytes, containing everything else.

Two days ago, C:\ was getting full and I was receiving warning messages.
I tried emptying all the .tmp files and some of the old log files, and i
also removed a program installed on C:\. I finally got 38 Mbytes of free
Today looking at the free space on C:\ it was 36.5 Mbytes. If the space
is going to be used at that rate, there will be trouble.
I want to be able to go around this without having to stop the system,
re-partition it and then reinstall the operating system and all the
softwares (it is a server after all). All softwares are installed on D:\
and only the dns is running and installed on c:\winnt\system32\dns.
pagefile.sys is on D:\

My questions are:
1. How much can the c:\winnt directory grow?? Does it have an upper
2. what are the things (if any) that i can congifure back to D:\ and
save space?? (ex: log files, event viewer files, tmp files etc ..)
3. What are the things that i can delete from the winnt directory (ex:
fonts, help etc..)


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