Re: IIS 4.0 problems with logging

Steven Warsanis ( )
Sun, 21 Dec 1997 16:27:35 +0100

Start a dos box and register the following three files manually




This should work.



At 01:15 PM 12/21/97 +0100, you wrote:


<excerpt><smaller>I'm running IIS 4.0. Seems that it works pretty well,
but I cannot change annything concerning logging. If I edit the
properties for a website with MMC I see that the enable logging box is
checked (and I also can uncheck it) but in the field for active log
format there is nothing in it, so that I cannot change the properties. If
I use the HTML - administration I get a message that no logging is
installed. But if I look to the logfiles directory in fact logging is
done (but not the way I like).

Any ideas what I am missing? Never got an error during installation.





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