Steve Patches ( steve@wareunl.com )
Sat, 20 Dec 1997 14:29:47 -0500

Hello All,
I just upgraded to the release version of IIS4. I was running Beta 3,
but uninstalled it prior to installing the release version.

Now I have this problem with Perl scripts: I'm using a Perl script
called FormMail which emails a form using a program called windmail.exe.
When I click the submit button, I notice in the TaskMgr that a copy of
PERL.EXE and a copy of WINDMAIL.EXE start up. They just sit there doing
nothing, and the web page eventually times out. If I retry the form, It
just keeps loading more copies of perl.exe and windmail.exe.

I tried setting the NTFS permissions on the directory in question to
Everyone, Full Control. Still no results.

Any suggestions?

-Steve Patches
Ware Unlimited, Inc.