Re: Exchange Picking Up Email

Juergen Weiss ( (no email) )
Fri, 19 Dec 1997 17:17:20 +0100

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Datum: Freitag, 19. Dezember 1997 16:33
Betreff: RE: Exchange Picking Up Email

>If the client is running exchange version 4, then it will have to be
>done on your side. I'm making an assumption that the customers paying
>for store and forward mail services from your site have a static IP
>address. (If you figured out a way to do this w/out one, please fill me
>in, it would be really helpful to us. ;)

Maybe my last mail to this topic was not so clear. Thats why I will try
again (sorry my english is not the best).

On the ISP side you are running a mail server (mail.isp) which receives a=
mail for a specific domain (the MX records in dns are pointing to
All this mail is routed into ONE POP3 account. Your customer has his own
mailserver (mail.customer) typically with private IPs and connects to you
via a standard dial-in connection (dyn. IP). Now your customer needs a to=
which automatically connects to you, then reads all mail out of his
POP3-account on mail.isp and then delivers it to mail.customer where all
mails are splitted into the individual accounts.

If your customer runs MDaemon as his mailserver you need nothing else
because MDaemon has all these functions out of the box. If the customer i=
running MS Exchange (as mentioned in the first post) you can add a plugin=
MS Exchange so that Exchange can also handle these tasks, but this plugin=
rather expensive

Another solution (not so good but without money): Just run a standart
email-client on the customer side, which can easily be configured to
automatically connect to mail.isp and get all customer mail out of the PO=
box. Then you can define some input filters within the email-client so th=
all incomming mail is forwarded to the individual accounts on the custome=
mail-server. This can be done very simple and works with every mailserver
that can accept mail via SMTP.

Lloyd mentioned another interessting tool (AutoDial) which seems to have =
necessary features.

I did all 3 solutions which I mentioned above and they are all working bu=
t I
prefer MDaemon (just one product, well priced).