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I'm not sure I fully understand where your at and were you want to go,
but we are using Exchange as the mail server for our small ISP operation
and it works.

On the server side, you configure Internet Mail Connector (IMC) to
retrieve mail for all domain names that you are hosting mail service
for. If you have a dedicated connection then the DNS entries for the
domains have an MX record that points to your server. If you have to
dial an ISP to retrieve mail then IMC is set up differently.

When your customers dial into your server, their mail client (could be
Exchange Client, MS Mail, Netscape, Eudora, you name it) is set up with
your server name as their POP3 server. Their account/password is a
domain account that you created on the NT Server and associated with
their mailbox. If they use Exchange client or Outlook then they can use
the inbox assistant at their end to deliver the mail to each recipient
on their LAN.

If you really want to be slick, you can set them up with Exchange server
at the other end and using the Message Transfer Agent (MTA),
automatically update their mailboxes when their copy of IMC calls you on
a prescheduled basis.

This is quite broad brush, and the details of the setup can be quite
tedious, but it all works nicely when properly configured. Lots of
ISP's on this list do not use Exchange because of the complicated setup.
Keystone makes a set of configuration videos for Exchange Server that
can be helpful for your first setup.

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Greetings all,

I'm new to this list, as we have only brought our first NT
server online
about two weeks ago, and thought I'd say hi before asking a my
question. (HI!) Now that that's out of the way, we have two
that recently signed up with us that wish to use an NT server
Exchange to dialup and exchange mail. Now, at this end we use
and it tries to poll all hosts that it has mail for once every
30 minutes,
so for them to receive email via SMTP, they would need to be
for approx. 30-35 minutes at a time to be sure they received
that was bound for them. This is fairly unacceptable. What we
do normally is to place all email for the domain in a mail box
the user could retreieve it via POP3 or IMAP using a program
like fetchmail
or something similiar. Failing that, we would have them run
UUCP and
send/receive mail that way. What I'm looking is a way to
accomplish this
under NT, either with Exchange, or with a low cost product that
grab the mail from our server, and then talk SMTP to Exchange
and have it
routed and delivered over their internal networks properly.
Does anyone
have any suggestions for this?

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