Re: Does Mac come with a web browser ?

James B. Hrdy ( (no email) )
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 09:45:49 +0000

System 8.0 does have the internet software

Most of your configuring will be done in the control panel

Not a whole lot different than any other dial up connection

Need to make sure the modem is installed
Current modem init strings are installed
Make sure the dial in number is installed
Server assigned IP or static?
Make sure the DNS is in

> Hi.
> I run a small ISP here and a prospective customer has a Mac. This'll be my
> first time to configure a Mac to access the Internet.
> My question is, does Mac have a web browser and email client already ? Does
> Mac also have an FTP client ?
> And how do I go about configuring the Mac anyway ?
> Danny Sinang
> President, Uplink Technologies, Inc.
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