RE: Can AscendMax200 do 56K?

Jeremy Schertzinger ( )
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 11:44:10 -0800

I don't think the Max 200 can do 56K. It will do an ISDN connection
with and ISDN TA. You need at least a Max 1800 to do K56Flex. See The Max 1800 will handle BRI lines.
Otherwise, you'll need a PRI line from your telco.


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> -----Original Message-----> From: Huang, John []> Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 1997 11:44 AM> To: ''> Subject: Can AscendMax200 do 56K?> > An answer would be greatly appreciated. (please e-mail)> > We have an Ascend Max 200 Plus with 8 bri modem cards. Can these be> upgraded to take 56k flex calls like the USR 8 or 16i?> > Theoretically it should be able to, since it's digital, but does> Ascend> support this?> > Thanks> > ----------------------------------------------------------> NTISP Mailing List