Broadcast Robot for IMail

Howie Hamlin ( (no email) )
Wed, 17 Dec 1997 13:57:23 -0500

On-Line Data Solutions is a developer of email server software. We have
primarily developed software for NTMail servers.

Our best selling title for NTMail is an add-on called "Broadcast".
Broadcast allows you to set up email broadcasts for one or more domains on
your mail server. We have just released version 1.07.

The reason for this email is that we have had some interest in the past
about a version for the IMail mail server from IPSwitch. So, my question
here is twofold:

Is there still an interest in this type of product adapted to IMail?
Are there any mail administrators who would like to beta test a version of
Broadcast for IMail?

Please respond to me directly and not to this list. If you would like
further information about the current version of Broadcast for NTMail
including features and a downloadable demo and documentation take a look at
our website - (click on NTMail Robots and then


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