Re: IE for Mac

Chilton ( )
Tue, 16 Dec 97 18:38:07 -0000

Hey Danny,

IE3.02 for the Mac is currently the latest vers. However, make sure
you're using an installer that is OSL compliant. Most aren't. MSIEAK is
NOT, and nearly any derivative of it is not. Failure to do so will cause
major problems under OS8.

IE3.02 for the Mac contains many features that weren't available on the
PC until 4.0, so don't be surprised to find that the Mac and PC versions
don't sync.

One reason for the pro-microsoft Mac audience is that MS has a very
talented Mac division, containing many of the better programmers from
other divisions that Gates transferred. So, their Mac dept, while smaller
than the 95 or NT depts, is a little more advanced than the rest. And
most of them are Mac-heads themselves.

One other reason is that MS knows that on the Mac platform, there were
more browsers available when they entered the market than on the PC
platform, and that Mac users weren't going to give up what they used for
a MS product unless their offering was the most stable, fastest, and
feature-rich browser available. And while Netscape had a Mac browser, it
was constantly crashing, and required more RAM than most Mac users
wanted. So, when 3.0 came out, with its 16-20Mb RAM requirements, Mac
users looked at the equally powerful IE3.0, which would run in 4Mb.
Netscape needed 25 to 40 Mb of disk space, IE needed 7.

Now, I personally switched over at this time last year, and haven't
looked back. If Netscape really wants the Mac market (over a quarter of
the online community) then it should seriously consider making a 'better'
browser instead of a 'more powerful' one.