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Tue, 16 Dec 1997 12:53:36 -0800

Did you get the right type of key? You want a Digital ID for ISPs, not
just any server. At least, that's the kind I've always used. Come to
think of it, I've never tried a trial key, either.

Other than that, I have no clue. Sorry.

Tom M.

At 08:03 AM 12/16/97 -0500, you wrote:
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>>Have you received the digital certificate from the certificate provider (we
>>use Verisign)?
>I have a "trial" key from Verisign.
>>If you have, and have entered it into IIS, the next step is to select a
>>directory on that server which will be secure. You don't wan't to secure
>>everything, just the directory where the forms will be stored. Remember
>>that everything in that directory will be encrypted when accessed via a web
>>browser - html, pictures, sounds, etc. - so you will want to keep it to a
>>Using the WWW service manager, enter the directory, map an IP address to
>>it, and select the "Secure SSL only" option."
>Been there, done that, still doesn't work. I set it up exactly as you have
>indicated. When I try to pull up a test page (basically just an html page
>with "this is a test") using https:\\blahblahblah it sends the certificate
>information, but when it tries to bring up the actual test.htm page, it just
>waits for about 60 seconds and then the browser times out. Does this on 3
>different NT 4.0 SP3 servers (with asp.dll hotfix). The 3rd server that I
>tried is a fresh installation with ONLY NT4SP3 and IIS 3.0 installed. Any
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