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Just set up the new server and create a new zone for the same zone of
authority as your existing server. The difference being, that you set up
the new server as being SECONDARY instead of PRIMARY authority for the zone.

All the domain records will automatically transfer within whatever time
limit you have set up on the Primary DNS. (If you haven't changed the
defaults I believe this will take place within about an hour of your having
set it up... I don't really remember for sure, but the default setting isn't
very long.)

I'm actually finding MS DNS quite easy to use after fiddling with it for
awhile... it's just not documented very well.

-Kevin Allen

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>Anyone know how to transfer the DNS records to a new NT Server without
>having to re-key all the records in? We have a lot of domains. We are
>wanting to set up a backup DNS server.
>We are using MS DNS.
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