RE: USR 56k connect problem

Justin Brown ( )
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 10:19:15 -0800

we are having the same problem with a Cisco 5200, except they don't even
connect for a few minutes. Any time a large portion of data is sent to
the USR, their modem locks up. We don't have any kind of fix for it yet,
but are working with Cisco.

I have tried several different dial strings, including turning off the
56k extension, but still no go.

Justin Brown
Technical division manager
Pacific Information Systems

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> Subject: USR 56k connect problem
> I am using Ascend Max 4004s and 4048s and am having problem
> with users with the 56k USR modems. They can connect to me
> (of course not at 56k, they connect at 28800) but after a few
> minutes they can't transfer any more data. The modem is still
> connected but I can't ping them anymore. This happens when they
> calls into the 4004 or the 4048. Any ideas of what I should do?
> Thanks
> Dan
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