Re: DISK 1 for Windows NT 4.0..HELP>>>>>

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 12 Dec 1997 10:16:09 -0800

Marcin Pasek wrote:
> I know there is a way to remake the 3 startup disks for Windows NT 4.0
> Installation..Please help..I just lost the first disk and I need to
> reinstall NT today...

Use the program \i386\winnt32.exe on the CD-ROM:

> Winnt32
> Performs an installation or upgrade of Windows NT 4.00.
> winnt32 [/s:sourcepath] [/i:inf_file] [/t:drive_letter] [/x] [/b] [/ox] [/u[:script] [/r:directory] [/e:command]
> Parameters
> /s:sourcepath
> Specifies the location of the Windows NT files.
> /i:inf_file
> Specifies the filename (no path) of the setup information file. The default is DOSNET.INF.
> /t:drive_letter
> Forces Setup to place temporary files on the specified drive.
> /x
> Prevents Setup from creating Setup boot floppies. Use this when you already have Setup boot floppies (from your administrator, for example).
> /b
> Causes the boot files to be loaded on the system's hard drive rather than on floppy disks, so that floppy disks do not need to be loaded or removed by the user.
> /ox
> Specifies that Setup create boot floppies for CD-ROM installation.
> /u
> Upgrades your previous version of Windows NT in unattended mode. All user settings are taken from the previous installation, requiring no user intervention during Setup.
> /u:script
> Similar to previous, but provides a script file for user settings rather than using the settings from the previous installation.
> /r:directory
> Installs an additional directory within the directory tree where the Windows NT files are installed. Use additional /r switches to install additional directories.
> /e:command
> Instructs Setup to execute a specific command after installation is complete.

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