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Fri, 12 Dec 1997 10:03:37 +0100

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Date: donderdag 11 december 1997 23:43
Subject: Bandwidth Customer ratios

>A silly question for someone,
>Has anyone found out a decent formula for figuring out how much bandwidth
>is needed to provide a decent service to "X" amount of dialup customers?

I can give you a number from one of our pops:
12 dial analog lines
4 dialin ISDN lines (no bonding)
320 users on this pop
2 ISDN (virtual leased line) connections to client offices, one carries 25
emplyees, the other 10
backbone is 144kbit
measured throughput is somethimes over 88kb, most of the time under it but
never above 128kb
traffic through backbone is about 6Gb per month

so a simple math: 320/16 = 20 users per line by 16 lines
(6 * 1024) / 16 = 384 Mbyte per line per month = aprox. 19.2Mbyte per user
traffic per month

We don't have complaints about slow lines, or busy lines. Despite that we
are expanding that pop with another 30 lines, because we think it's full.
1:20 is the max to use.

The main thing to keep in mind is the type of access. Do you provide
unlimited access or hourly based or both.
We carry both.

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