Another option (was RE: Web TV at the school !!)

Rick Kunze ( )
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 16:16:52 -0800

The people at the school, as is the case in a lot of school districts,
didn't do their homework. If they can afford a T-1, why in God's name they
are dealing with WebTV is beyond me. But I assume it's because they can
shoot it onto existing TV sets in the classrooms.

There is another option.

While attending ISPcon in San Francisco last August, I came accross a
company that is, like some others, making a "webtv-like" product that is
generic in nature. That is, it's the same box, remote, and keyboard but it
is configurable to point to any isp.

Additionally, I believe they have an Ethernet option in the works. BINGO!

Contact Luis Lajous at Teknema, also in the Bay area. (
or see their web site at Their website is a little
cheezy, but the product is nice. There service seems top notch.

I would appreciate it if you informed him that I sent you.

These boxes are fairly mature. I bought one for eval, and have in fact
been renting it out! I'll bet you people hadn't thunk of that!

They cost about $310.00 including the infrared keyboard and a nice remote
made by Logitech.



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