Re: Sharing a pop can this be done?

Paul Kincaid-Smith ( )
Thu, 11 Dec 1997 13:42:22 -0800

Radius supports "proxy" operations. If a non-local user logs in to a POP
(with some form of ISP identifier as part of his login name) the Radius
server forwards the Radius request to the user's ISP's Radius server. This
is common.

At 12:05 PM 12/11/97 -0500, you wrote:
>We have WebTV and two other companies using our POPs...
>The program you want is Merit Radius. It uses "realms" to give the virtual
>At 12:36 PM 12/11/97 -0400, you wrote:
>> I have a question. We were wondering is this is possible, Having 2 ISP
>>share the same POP? if yes how? The only way I see it that it can work is
>>somehow it has to know which ISP the user is subcribe and have a virtual
>>radius (for lack of a better word). then when the user is calling in the
>>Vradius knows were to route the auth (either ISP1 or ISP2) so he can get
>>verify and connect.
>>The only way I can see this working either having the user add something
>>unique in the user name (like user@isp1, or user@isp2) or have the POP with
>>2 different numbers (one for ISP1 the other ISP2) then have the vradius
>>look at the Nas-Port-DNIS number and route the auth request to either the
>>radius of ISP1 or ISP2. Has anyone tried (or doing) this? What software
>>can do this?
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