Re: IIS3 ftp problem

John Lange ( )
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 22:19:51 -0600


If you are using Emerald, scrap the MS ftp server and get Serv-U from and the serv-u .dll from emerald.

JOhn :}

At 08:18 PM 12/10/97 -0700, you wrote:
>I have a problem with my ftp server. When a user logs in to their home
>dir, say /username, if they type cd .. it will take them to the root of the
>ftp server and then you are able to cd to any directory that is allowed ftp
>access. The only way I have found to make it so you cannot access the
>directory is to make everyone unable to read. This makes the directory
>unreadable from the http server also. Is there a way to set permissions so
>user cannot access the directories by ftp, but are able to access through
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