Re: Pay sites

Kevin ( )
Wed, 10 Dec 1997 18:26:49 -0800

SubscriptiX does something similar to this.

We are also in the process of reformulating the pricing (sign-up and
per-transaction) for non-adult sites.

310 396 5568 (West-coast time).

At 02:23 PM 12/10/97, you wrote:
>I am trying to setup a pay site for a customer of ours and was wondering
>others have done for this sort of thing.
>I am needing to incorporate an authentication scheme with a way of making
>automatic Credit Card transactions. It should function such that if the
>Credit Card actually goes through ok then the username and password they
>chose for themselves is added to the database and they can then gain access
>to the site.
>Is there anything out there that will do this?
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