bp ( (no email) )
Tue, 9 Dec 1997 16:11:03 +0100

> Can you give me some more info. I use NT and dont know much about snmp.

> > Hello,
> >
> > Someone know if mrtg can be used to graph the status of an ethernet ca=
> in
> > a PC with TCP/IP?
> >
> > Carlo
> If the PC is snmp enabled You can (depends on Your OS)
> B.Pollinger

Hi Carlo,

if You use NT (I think it's 4.0 Server?!) it's not that difficult.
Just go to Your network setting and install service SNMP. Then define
community (default is public) and the needed traps (for more info
refer to NT-manuals) Then You have to configure MRTG to receive the
data (therfore please contact someone with better MRTG experiences
then me <argh>) A good resource for MRTG related questions is
This is a mailinglist dedicated to MRTG and it's really informational
Ok, so far.. I hope this helped a bit

BTW. One word to all subscribers (esp. the active ones <hint>): Many
thanks out to You for the whole bunch of information these lists give
to the reader. Please stay active in email-discussion and use it as a
community to share Your knowledge and thoughts cause You'll get it
back in some kind..remember!
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