NT sub-ISP setup - reformulating

Clara Hatem ( clara@inco.com.lb )
Mon, 08 Dec 1997 23:01:39 +0200

Hello everyone,

And thanks for your previous answers. Mitch, my question was not how to
configure the cisco router (this is something I can manage to do, and
have done quite often. serial IP on my subnet, ethernet IP on his ,
default route to my router serial port IP, and that's it !)
but then may be I didn't make myself clear. So,
my question actually is:
1- How to configure the NT server (and the clients dialing in to it), in
order to have all the incoming connections on NT server com ports,
routed to the server ethernet (and from there to the cisco 1005 router
which provides the Internet connection to our services) ?? I have
planned to enable IP forwarding, and specify the router ethernet address
as TCP/IP gateway for the NT server. Is this the proper way to do it ?
2- Do I have to assign IPs for the LAN (PCs, NT ethernet, router
ethernet) in another subnet than the subnet used by the RRAS server
(pool)?? . I believe I read a previous thread on this list , where you
were discussing if NT would route between addresses from the same
subnet. But I never new the answer .......

I mean can the address assigned to the NT NIC be in the same subnet as
the RRAS pool ???? Or do I have to assign two different subnets (one
for LAN NICs including server and cisco router ethernets, the other for
RRAS pool) ???? Donald: your answer, talking about a class C (or at
least a 32 IP addresses subnet), gave me the impression that a single
subnet is possible.
and in both cases (same subnet, or different ones), what IP should be
stated as the TCP/IP gateway on the client stations dialing in to NT RAS

I hope my questions are clearer this time.
Thanks everyone for your help,