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rkm ( )
Wed, 3 Dec 1997 18:04:05 -0500

OK... I have Primary M$ DNS, IIS 3.0 running on a BDC. Dual PPRO 200, 128MB
RAM, mutihomed with about 50 IP's and virtual websites. Running ODBC
databases with access and VFP 5.0. Frontpage 98 extensions are installed on
all the virtuals and some have private intranets. I have set ftproot to
wwwroot and some web customers have FTP accounts. How do I best upgrade
this server to IIS 4.O and what problems can I expect? I have worked with
the Beta and it doesn't seem to be solid when upgrading. Your thoughts and
comments would be greatly appreciated.


Richard Marshall

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I just went to a 3 day training on IIS 4.0 so if anyone has questions
let me know...BTW...the IIS went out of beta yesterday...


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