Re: Mail Relay in NT environement

Mitch Wagers ( )
Tue, 02 Dec 1997 02:24:23 -0800

what mail server...

At 12:54 PM 12/2/97 +0300, you wrote:
>=A0=A0=A0 I'm trying to implement an internet connection to our corporate
>having a DMZ and private network. We are running NT4SP3, MS proxy 2.0,
>Netscape suite spot.
>We have the corporate mail system inside the private network and we have
>the mail relay system outside the private network (in the DMZ).
>=A0=A0=A0 The question is: what do I need to configure the mail relay to=
>ALL incoming e-mail for our domail to the inside mail server, and let
>the insider mail server pass ALL outgoing email to the mail relay server
>in the DMZ zone ?
>=A0=A0=A0 Is there any special configuration in the DNS server to achieve=
>Thanks for any help.
>Regards, Humoud Otaibi.
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