Re: Hours used asp / idc scripts

Jim Dunmyer ( )
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 08:42:22 -0400

At 04:40 PM 4/18/98 +1000, you wrote:=20
> Are there any ASP/IDC scripts written to show end users how many hours=
> have used for the current month based on there logon username and=
> =A0

We did something even neater than that. A friend wrote some stuff to extract
certain information from the database and put it into a web page in real=
His method required the use of MSIIS; because we use WebSite Pro for our Web
Server, we installed MSIIS on the Raius machine and point to it by IP=
A user can go to our home page at <>,
click on "Your personal account stats", log in and see his name & address
and call info for the last 30 days. It would be possible to even allow them=
update their own info, but we elected to not implement that.