Setting up Mailsite

Barry Kiesz ( (no email) )
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 09:55:20 -0500

We are in the process of setting up mailsite 2.1.5 SQL edition to work with
IEA's Emerald. The problem we are having is that the mailbox is not being
created when someone sends mail to the address of the person we just entered
into Emerald. The UNC between the Emerald/SQL box and Mailsite box is
working just fine. We can view a list of Database mailboxes in MailSite by
going into the mailbox tab and clicking the "New database Mailbox" button.
This leads us to believe that the ODBC is functioning properly.

The External system in Emerald is set to:

Type: Standard/Export
Work Dir: \\mailmachine\drive\mailsite\box
Logfile: c:\emerald\mailsite.log

The ESID number for this External system is 7
The DB Mailbox plugin in Mailsite is configured for Emerald/Radius Server DB
and ESID 7.

Any help on the matter would greatly appreciated..



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