JT's Restaurants(JTSR) - Excellent Undervalued Investment Opportunity

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Wed, 22 Apr 1998 03:33:12

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*** NEWS FLASH *** 03/17/98 - JT's Restaurants has entered into
preliminary negotiations with a Minnesota based restaurant chain. Total
revenues for the 13 restaurants is in excess of $5.5 million dollars.

*** NEWS FLASH *** 02/20/98 - JT's Stock price up 40% from Feb. 17, 1998
to Feb. 20, 1998 - JT's is still the "Ground Floor Opportunity" - The
growth remains ahead

Who said opportunity only knocks once. JT's Restaurants is growing by
leaps and bounds. Under valued stock situation presently $2.50 per
share. It is predicted that the stock will reach $5 to $6 this summer
and could go up to $10.00 by end of 1998. Stock symbol JTSR on OTC BB.

"THEN and NOW"
An investment of $100.00 in Mcdonalds in 1955 would NOW be worth over $1
million today. No one knew THEN.

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