IEAK version 4.01 and Emerald

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 10:37:07 -0400


I was wondering if there are any place where we could create an IEAK package
to resell our prepaid packages via resellers. The thing we are interested in
is to create the following:

1: Create a client/server setup CD to Install Internet Explorer
2: Have a Table in Emerald that would store the Prepaid CD Codes in a Database
which can be Automatically generated and printed via Emerald or a simple
script. eg: create database of 1000 random character password to verify that
the Client has purchased a CD.
3: Have the database store the customer's name and MBR account for each code
in that new table so the same account code can not be used again.

The purpose for this is to sell our software to resellers to bring in extra
revenue. This would allow Emerald to create the new user's account and create
a prepaid status by setting up the client's expiration date and times on the
system accordingly.

Will Radius NT also be able to filter the signup user account to be able to
ONLY allow an HTTP Connection to only the signup server? Could the USR
Chassis be able to do this?

Thanks for your replies...

Rudy Komsic
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