emerald billing method

Wed, 08 Apr 1998 11:29:35 -0500

Ok we have been using emerald for a few months now and I have found
one MAJOR flaw in the way Emerald generates invoices.

Correct if I'm wrong here but this is how it appears Emerald bills.

Emerald look for all accounts that expire in the month of the date
that you enter in the date field under the batch tab.

If this is the case there are some major problems with that method
that we have experienced.

#1 People having expiration dates on the extremes (end of the month
or beginning of the month) get invoices or charges at odd times.

=46or example, all of our auto bill credit card people that expire at
the end of the month get charged for service almost 2 months in
advance (we do credit card billing every Wednesday). On the flip end
if an auto bill credit card expires in the beginning of the month
(let's say the 1st). His invoice may or may not be created and paid
after his account has expired depending on the actual date of that

There may be a better method of doing the billing...as far as batch
out dates, creating invoices, etc....

However, it appears that the real solution would be to have Emerald
actually look within a time frame to generate invoices.....for example
when you do a batch Emerald says (ok it doesn't say but you know)
generate all invoices that expire within 30 days (or some number) from
the date entered in the date field of the batch tab.

Comments from the veterans using Emerald and Dale would be appreciated
on any errors above or solutions.