Re: new service type will not authenticate

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 14:03:34 -0700

Mike Hollyman wrote:
> We added some new service types to Emerald. They are labeled as 40-1, 40-2,
> 100-1, 100-2. Each represents a type of 40 hour or 100 hour account.
> When a user has that as their service type and dials into the terminal
> server, the
> radius logs say :
> Tue Apr 07 09:50:11 1998: User: mikeh authorized to login.
> But the terminal server reports authentication failed.
> When we switch back to the old service type, all is fine.

This is a print out bug in RadiusNT 2.2. If you look at the RadLogs
entry associated with this, it should be a 19 (I believe) with means
the account type does not have any default attributes. You must use
the Emerald Admin to add default attributes to an account type, or
it does not authentication.

> Also, we have different billing periods for each type of account. If the 40
> hour
> gets billed annually, we want a 20% discount, for example, but when we move
> to that
> type, the charge remains the ammount for the monthly. Is that not reflected
> until
> the invoice is sent?

I don't really follow, so I'll guess. :)

If you have two account types, and want a different termed discount for
each, you have to create the two different termed discounts. For example,
lets say the 40 hour gets a 20% and the 100 hour gets a 25% discount annually,
you would need two annual entries with the different discounts.

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