Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: Call for Emerald 2.5 Beta Testers

Duane Schaub ( )
Mon, 06 Apr 1998 17:26:12 -0500

I am currently in the 2.5 beta and just wanted to make sure that I
continued in the program. Earlier, I performed the db conversion from 2.1
to 2.5 myself and I would really like for someone to look at it as I feel
that I may still be missing something. I will be going back through the
install.sql etc to make sure that I have all of the tables.

I would like some assistance in expanding the username fields. I have been
working with emerald since they were 12 characters, and I'm having problems
with the limit. I would like to go to 32 characters or more so that I can
support roaming.

>1. Number of MBRs currently active in your database. We know how many
>you purchased, but need an accurate count of the size of your database


>2. Brief summary of your SQL Server's properties, including
> - Physical memory
> - Memory allocated to SQL Server
> - MS SQL Server Version
> - Available Disk Space on SQL Server

128Mb RAM
SQL - 32Mb + Temp 20 MB RAM
SQL 6.5/SP4
500 Mb Avail. More can be added easily.

>3. The exact versions of Emerald and RadiusNT you are currently

Emerald 2.5.40
Radius 2.2.41

>4. A rating, from 1-10 (10 being highest) of you or your technical
>staff's knowledge of:
> - the Emerald Internet Management Suite

> - MS SQL Server

> - Microsoft Windows NT Version 4.0

> - RadiusNT

>5. A primary contact's name and e-mail address for the purposes of
>discussing the beta test (this person should be able to answer technical
>questions about your Emerald, RadiusNT and SQL configurations).

Duane Schaub
(316) 332-1616

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