ANNOUNCEMENT: Call for Emerald 2.5 Beta Testers

IEA Software Sales ( )
Fri, 03 Apr 1998 16:59:19 -0800

IEA Software is seeking current registered users of Emerald to
participate in the second round of semi-closed beta testing the Emerald
Internet Management Suite Version 2.5. Qualified testers will be
familiar with MS SQL Server, Emerald, RadiusNT, and Windows NT Server.

Bandwidth availability is extremely important for this testing period.
We need to be able to download, convert and upload your database in a
reasonably short period of time.

To participate in this closed beta, send an e-mail to
"" with the subject line EMERALD BETA REQUEST.
Include the following information:

1. Number of MBRs currently active in your database. We know how many
you purchased, but need an accurate count of the size of your database

2. Brief summary of your SQL Server's properties, including
- Physical memory
- Memory allocated to SQL Server
- MS SQL Server Version
- Available Disk Space on SQL Server

3. The exact versions of Emerald and RadiusNT you are currently

4. A rating, from 1-10 (10 being highest) of you or your technical
staff's knowledge of:
- the Emerald Internet Management Suite
- MS SQL Server
- Microsoft Windows NT Version 4.0
- RadiusNT

5. A primary contact's name and e-mail address for the purposes of
discussing the beta test (this person should be able to answer technical
questions about your Emerald, RadiusNT and SQL configurations).

The most important quality in a beta tester is the ability to follow
directions! Doing so allows us to concentrate on anomalies rather than
known quantities. Information on Emerald beta mailing lists will be
provided to individual sites chosen to participate in the test.

We at IEA Software are excited about the new capabilities of Emerald
2.5. We look forward to a productive beta period and useful feedback
from our customer base.

The IEA Software Staff