Re: Operator Access

Ed Miller ( (no email) )
Thu, 2 Apr 1998 07:58:50 -0500

>> >In the Emerald Administrator, I am trying to set operator access.
>> >Whenever I set access to any operator other than "No Access", this
>> >operator loses access to everything. Is there something wrong I have
>> >done? Or is it that the Operator Access is not yet implemented. I also
>> >need to know what exactly are the access rights of "Tech Support" and
>> >"Billing/Accounting".
>> I'm having this problem aswell ???
>I have answered this before. 2.2 and lower only supports the remote
>mode. Its not what you are trying to do. Emerald 2.5 and higher will
>support the multi-access mode you are looking for.
Because of this promised feature, and others, in the NEW version of Emerald
we changed our business plan, last year. Please give us a date that 2.5
will be available. I have partners that are all over my back to get this in
gear. Dale, I think that you are doing a SUPER JOB, both in the past and
now. We have been with you for almost 2 years and want to stay but there
is a limit. I love Emerald and want very much to stay with it. Please.