Re: Backup Authentication

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 12:02:47 -0800

James Sandusky wrote:
> I would like to make a user text file that Radius can use in text mode from
> our Emerald database. Below someone mentioned that it can be done from the
> Emerald Client, but I can't find this option in the Emerald Client. I've

In the Emerald Admin, Config Client, Enter the path in the Radius File
box (typically soemthing like \\server\radius\users or c:\radius\users).

In the Emerald client, select Extenral Systems...Radius File.

> also heard of a utility called RADUSERS.EXE. I went to IEA's ftp server,
> but didn't find anything with that name.


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