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Fri, 27 Mar 1998 05:16:15 -0600

Will this script change the tax area permanently?
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On 26 Mar 98 at 19:37, InterSAT Internet wrote:

> One time charges seem not to have taxes apply. Why
> is this? I know I can add the ammount of the tax to
> the ammount of the charge, and charge the total, but on
> the invoice, a $10 setup fee with tax applied, shows
> shows up as $10.76 with a tax of $0.00. This confuses
> the average user. Am I doing anything wrong, or should
> I wait for the holy grail that will be 2.5?

Nope, it happens to all of us. The following script will help you fix

UPDATE InvoiceItems SET TAX = round(amount*.076,2) WHERE InvoiceId =

assuming your tax is 7.6%, and X is the invoice you want to fix - if
you want to fix them all, don't put in the WHERE statement.


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