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Michael Whisenant ( )
Sat, 21 Mar 1998 21:25:26 -0600

Kinda awkward method. If I generate 5000 invoices and 2000 are via e-mail
then the rest print. I have to manually check each of the 5K invoices to
find those that were sent via e-mail? Why not create a simple table that
stores the invoice number to the sub account or something. I can see a
user saying, I did not receive my invoice via e-mail. Then I will have to
locate the invoice #, check the mail server log to prove the message was
sent. Oh, well... once again I may be misunderstanding something...

But here is a good one.... why does the e-mail invoice NOT include the
address to send the payment to? I already have hundreds of bitches about
that one. Many heartaches.... Or have I forgotten to check a box somewhere?

At 08:32 AM 3/21/98 -0800, you wrote:
>Michael Whisenant wrote:
>> Is there a log file stored somewhere of when and to whom e-mail
>> were sent? I desperately need this information. I have been using Emerald
>> for over a year, and have not sent e-mail invoices due to the harsh
>> wording. I have been waiting for the new release from Dale, since last
>> May. I am now forced into sending some 3000 e-mail notices today, guess
>> what. I do not know where to look to confirm that they were sent!!!!!!!
>Every invoice has a "sent date" associated with it. That is filled in with
>the date the invoice was printed or emailed (or paid).
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