RE: Discount Calculations

Robert H. Clugston ( (no email) )
Thu, 19 Mar 1998 12:12:05 -0800

Ummm....disregard those fromulas.... :)

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Dear Dale,
Its not a problem just thought I'd bring it up. (My customers don't care paying a few cents less.)


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Robert H. Clugston wrote:
> Dear Dale,
> The point I was trying to make was that I doubt this is the correct way to
> calculate this. If I'm paying for 6 months I want to the see the discount
> on the six month whole and not on a month to month basis.

Its all in the intepretation. Are you discounting the base rate or a six month
base rate? Most people have better things to worry about than this. :)

> If I tell a customer that he (or she) is getting a 16.67% discount on six
> month they will send me a check for $99.75 (assuming I charge $19.95/month).

Typically, they send you a check for whats on the invoice! :)

> P.S. Am I alone in my thinking?

Its never been brought up.

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