Re: Discount Calculations
Wed, 18 Mar 1998 21:42:51 -0500

>> 16.67% discount for 6 months = 99.75
>> 16.67% discount for 6 months = 99.72 (with emerald)
>For some reason? :)
>The discount is designed to be taken from the monthly base rate. By
>this we mean if you sell an account for 19.95 and offer a 10%
>discount for quarterly, then its 10% of 19.95, not 19.95*x.
>It could be either way. Thats just the way we chose to do it.


We are going to have to teach you how to do this stuff. If you have any
choices in the future, ALWAYS do it the way that works in our favor... <g>

$0.03 isn't much to each customer, but with a ton of customers it can buy me