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Neil Johnson ( )
Tue, 3 Mar 1998 08:45:57 -0600

We run multiple USR TCENH's and we have PRI, and Hiper DSP. I have had no
issues with the new cards except for the upgrading of memory in the NMC and
Netserver and even that was minor. As far as Emerald/Radius NT you just
have to adjust the number of ports on the chassis with the new Hiper DSP
and all is well. Also, when you upgrade you chassis to have Hiper DSP's
make sure you set the assigned pool size to the number you need plus 10%(if
you forget to set this you will have problems, just trust me on this one).
USR has told me that their box's don't always let go of an IP immediately
after a disconnect.

My personal opinion of the Hiper DSP is very good. I really like having
the same amount of ports that 2 box's would have in one plus the expansion
to a full Hiper DSP box is awesome. With ISDN customers multiple chassis
are not very reliable when connecting one bchannel to one chassis and the
second to another. With one chassis you don't have this problem.

Hope this helps!
Neil Johnson
CybrTyme, Inc.

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Subject: Re: USR Hyper Access Router Card

At 06:45 PM 3/2/98 -0600, you wrote:
>Not sure if this as an Emerald or RadiusNT question.
>Has anyone had any problems/flames/good_words to say about USR's new Hyper
>Acces Router Cards and the Hiper 24 port DSP cards?
>Do they work without tweeking with the current versions of
>What do I need to be concerned about?
>Any real big problems getting them to work?
>We cannot get PRI here, but can soon get Trunk Side T1, any issues?
Dunno about the new stuff, but we run a USR Total Control rack with
Emerald/RADIUSNT and it works fine. Also no PRI, just Trunk Side T1.


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