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Tue, 3 Mar 1998 05:36:03 -0600

>How do you assign a static IP with Emerald and RadiusNT?
>Kelly Wright (kelly@buz.net)
>BuzNet Communications
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>>InterSAT Internet wrote:
>>> Is there a better way to give a particular service a static IP
>>> other than recreating the entire RADIUS entry for the user? It is
>>> a little daunting for a (non-experienced) clerk to enter a
>>> User-Service, Framed-Protocol, Ascend-Idle-Limit, and
>>> Framed-Address and Framed-Netmask fields.
>>> Is there a way just to append (instead of replace) a custom entry
>>> for selected services? Or maybe I am going about the static IP
>>> issue all wrong. Any ideas?
>>Currently its a one or the other option. We may add a feature in
>>the future to allow both, but it gets pretty complicated to try
>>and figure out precedence and priority with the attributes when
>>you allow a mixture.
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