Re: USR Hyper Access Router Card

Michael A. Davis Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 2 Mar 1998 20:06:47 -0500

I'm not using the new HyperDSP model here, still got the old quad modem
setup, but in regards to your question about needing the $2K a year service
option... after 90 days you wont be able to call tech support or download
new code if you don't have it! I found this out the hard way, wasn't even
mentioned when I bought my chassis last year, but now I have a problem with
the second channel of 128K ISDN connections disconnecting at the programmed
idleout time even if the channel is not idle! And guess what, I need to
purchase a service contract to talk to tech support! I even got my sales
rep to conference in an engineer, and he confirmed that my equipment was
configured properly, but I still can't call tech support direct regarding
the issue, I have to go through the sales rep each time I call to see if
they've figured it out yet!

I guess if the business depends on this box, you'd probably want to have the
service agreement, otherwise you can't get advance replacement parts... I
don't know about you, but I can't send the box in and wait for it to be
repaired and sent back to me!

Mike Davis
DCS Online

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From: John Lange <>
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Date: Monday, March 02, 1998 7:44 PM
Subject: USR Hyper Access Router Card

>Not sure if this as an Emerald or RadiusNT question.
>Has anyone had any problems/flames/good_words to say about USR's new Hyper
>Acces Router Cards and the Hiper 24 port DSP cards?
>Do they work without tweeking with the current versions of
>What do I need to be concerned about?
>Any real big problems getting them to work?
>We cannot get PRI here, but can soon get Trunk Side T1, any issues?
>Source-Tech has a special on these 48 port units for a little over $10K.
>Are the extra service options a real need? Another $2K
>Thanks for any & all comments
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